Alan Cross was (and is) our John Peel

The people that made CFNY what it was
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Pizza Nova
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Alan Cross was (and is) our John Peel

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While I haven't seen the informercials that Alan Cross is doing, and probably never will, I wouldn't be quick to judge his actions as selling out.

I think one has to weigh the importance of his accomplishments and contributions to the history of alternative music against what amounts to a blip on the radar screen of his career.

Because of the efforts of Cross and his contemporaries at the original CFNY, many bands made their radio debuts not just in Toronto, or Canada, but for all of North America. What John Peel was for the BBC, Alan Cross was for us.

And even in today's radio climate where airtime is hardly ever given to unestablished bands, Cross continues to hold the flame high through his Ongoing History of New Music. It's a walk down memory lane for us old folks and a true history lesson for teenagers getting into alternative for the first time.

So, let's cut Alan some slack. Compared to the likes of Dees and Kasem, his contributions and support to great music far outweighs any temporary commericial diversions he might undertake.
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Let's not get carried away here...

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Alan Cross might be continuing to look back with a show but let's not get carried away here... he wasn't even at CFNY until the last year or two of The Spirit.

Give the credit to those that were there from the late 70's / early 80's to 1987... David Marsden's vision in particular... no Marsden no Cross.
music matters
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Alan Cross no John Peel

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John Peel was all about discovering and breaking new bands - the future of new music rock. Alan is all about the history of new music, and is not particularly adventurous.
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He does a good job with the history, but yes, I have to agree - he was not around when the new music was really the new music.
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Alan Cross might think he's John Peel

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but there was only 1 John Peel and AC isn't it. The guy is wayyyyy to0 in to himself and his own voice. a legend in his own mind.
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