Other CFNY-like stations...

Outlets today for Spirit-era music
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Jason Paris

Other CFNY-like stations...

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Hey peeps,

WOXY out of Cincinatti, OH and online at www.woxy.com is indeed very CFNY'ish and wonderfully independent. I highly recommend giving it a listen!

CBC Radio 3 (and some of the weekend and late-night programming on CBC Radio 2) would probably also appeal to old-school 'NY listeners as would some select community/campus programming in the G.T.A. as well.

X-FM and BBC Radio 1 in the U.K. are also decent in spots as well. Paricularly Steve Lamacq and Colin Murray's broadcasts on Radio 1.

On a somewhat related note...

CHUM-FM canned Maie Paut's decent "Light Out" the other night. Very sad. It wasn't great, but as far as commerical radio in this city goes, I was mildly impressed by it. It was basically an ode to the Dani's "Bedtime Hour," but that was fine by me. Anyway, it's truly "Lights Out" and another sad reminder of how badly radio has fallen in this city. I'll never understand why a city as culturally and musically diverse as Toronto has to be stuck with such banal radio stations. Radio for the lowest common denominator. And I'm not even referring to the music. It's all about "market segments" and "positioning" and "rolling out products." The music is just background noise, if even that.

Just venting...


Other CFNY-like stations...

Post by Antarctica »

I was also disappointed when I found out that lights out was....really out. I dont want to get hopefull here but kiss 92 has gone defunct, thank goodness and now its called jack 92.5. Some of the stuff they play isnt bad at this point. However who knows what they'll do later on. I mean right now, all they are doing is playing music and there isnt anything else yet. However, wouldnt it be nice if they by some slim chance became anything like the spirit? *haha yeah right* Even if they did, then it probably wouldnt last. Although you just never know. A
Metal Mike

Other CFNY-like stations...

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Radio is dead in this city. When I want to hear retro artists I dig, I will play records and CD's. For new artists, I will go to danceclubs and ask about a new song I dig and then go and hunt for it. The internet is great but I don't want to sit by my computer all day listening to a webcast.


Other CFNY-like stations...

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Unfortunately for most of us, radio is what we listen to when we are driving and at it's best it engages you almost as if your having a conversation, hopefully making the whole experience (drive time)tolerable. I honestly don't believe that anyone in radio marketing understands the potential for the medium at that level. When done properly, it can become an entertaining, or better a learning experience, not just hoping & praying that you won't be compelled to shut the dam thing off! (also venting!)

Other CFNY-like stations...

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Just posted this in another thread, then found this one, so apologies for the duplicate...

WBER out of Rochester, NY is a very independant station and you can hear it on the internet at WBER.monroe.edu - they're not afriad to mix it up a bit. Not the retro stuff of CFNy style, but more of a modern-day CFNY.

I am in no way affiliated with the station, I just think they are doing a good job in the face of the dismal state of commercial radio today, so they desevre some props.
Dave Holden

Other CFNY-like stations...

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www.1077theend.com (cable FM 107.5 Vancouver BC)

I wish they were on line.
Sinister Pete
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Here's an internet feed you might like..

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I hear your cries for truly independent radio. Perhaps you'd like Phantom FM out of Dublin, Ireland.


Started as a pirate eight years ago. There's a 24 hour stream and podcasts of Irish artists.


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