House Party - from Lorraine Segato of Parachute Club

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House Party - from Lorraine Segato of Parachute Club

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Hi friends, colleagues, party people, folks who have emailed me in the past:

This is my rare entreaty for your help. For the past three months, I have been involved in a project with Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC). This project will come to fruition DEC 13thand it’s called “House Party.”
The election is on and we are fighting for media time with politicians
who aren’t talking about many issues yet, especially not this one. Here’s one they could all be talking about. The homeless and the hidden homeless, the faceless underhoused people who don’t live on the street but have many of the same invisibilities in our society.

I know you are busy but you can read the “ deets” or scroll to the bottom. Think of it as a blog pitch. In effect, I am asking for you to come, or tell someone, or if you know anyone in the media tell them! In lieu of a huge publicity campaign I am calling on you to help spread the message. This is a community project that requires a community outreach and so I come to you. I thank you for anyway you can help.

Lorraine Segato
Producer /House Party

“House Party,” is a first-time event created to draw attention to the talent and value of homeless and under-housed Torontonians. It’s a collaborative project that teams advocates of the homeless and musicians with creative artists who are homeless and under-housed in a celebratory night of music, multimedia art and photography. Our goal is to help reframe the way people perceive the homeless. The main two images that we see in the media are squeegee kids and old guys sitting on park benches. Well, that exists to to be sure, but so do young families with children, women who are victims of violence and abuse, elderly folks who have become estranged from their families, young adults who've slipped through the cracks. The faces of the hidden homeless people I've met are so diverse it has been quite mindblowing. So many amazing lives that began much the way ours did and then stuff happens.. a crack…a slip thru the crack into the abyss of a large hole. All of them needing the same thing -- to ensure stability: a home. Over these past months we’ve contacted well over twenty agencies and asked them to participate in a dignified audition process to help us seek out talent for our show.

Why a show you ask?
Well, other than a home, people need a sense of self esteem and dignity and that becomes so challenging when you are invisible or stigmatized.
This process is one way of helping that dignity along.

So what is the culmination of all this?

On Tuesday,December 13th, House Party will first serve 300 hot meals and complimentary tickets to homeless folks selected by our partner agencies across the city.They will then be transported to the Church at Berkeley where they will see selected talent perform in a show that promises to be wonderful. The Parachute Club will be the support band for several of the selected performers that night. The rest of the night will consist of performances that include a rare Canadian appearance by rapper Snow, (just up from NY ready to perform from his new CD) hot new Aboriginal band Digging Roots and 17yr old songwriting sensation Liam Titcomb. The Parachute Club will close out the evening and hopefully we will all drift out into the streets feeling good about the show we have just seen and the scene we have made!!

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I want you to come that’s why! I think it going to be an interesting night, to say the least, and I know for a fact these folks would benefit so much from your support. Like I said a little self esteem goes a long way.

Oh… and have I told you.. that the Harris Institute has donated 7 scholarships for participants?

Yeah , so when you trying to figure out how you can help the homeless, and have a load o' fun for barely any money..well.. please check us out at or check out the poster I’ve attached and come to the show! Tis the season for something somethin' and this is something! Should you not be able to join us, please do me a personal favour and pass the poster or website info. around to anyone who might . I’d love to pack the joint for these folks. One last thing.... have you been to the Church at Berkeley. Awesome event space! Drinks, sensible snacks.. wonderful!

Aw.. here comes the final pitch...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005, at the Berkeley Church, 315 Queen Street East (at Berkeley St., west of Parliament). Booze and snack food available. Door open at 7pm. Show starts at 8pm. Tickets to House Party are $20.00 (plus tax and service charges) and can be purchased at Rotate This, This Ain’t The Rosedale Library, Another Story and Soundscapes. For information and to purchase tickets online through PayPal, the public can visit

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