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CFNY FM: ain't your average radio clone. Documentary!

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:40 pm
by Stargehzer
On the Facebook page "CFNY FM: ain't your average radio clone" ( They've announced that a Documentary Starring: David Marsden (CFNY FM Program Director) Alan Cross (CFNY FM Host) Scot Turner (CFNY FM Host) Ivar Hamilton (CFNY FM Music Director) Dani Elwell (CFNY FM Host) Mark Gane (of Martha and The Muffins) will be released Aug. 4/15.
Video to be released on You Tube with a link from the Facebook page.
I think I saw mention that it will be about 22 minutes long, but I can't find that info now. Perhaps I was mistaken, but will be watching the video this Tuesday!
I originally found mention of the video at the Facebook page, "Keeping the "SPIRIT" of The Spirit of Radio Alive CFNY 102.1"

EDIT: to add this link to the Video on YouTube...