\"All Bing! All Bowie! All the time!\" -The Live

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\"All Bing! All Bowie! All the time!\" -The Live

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Okay. I've been waiting to ask this question for years and years.

I don't remember exactly when, though my guess it would have been on the Live Earl Jive and Beverly Hills' 'second time around' at CFNY, but they did this show years ago (on a Saturday methinks) around Christmas time. For the entire show they kept playing snippets of the Bing Crosby/David Bowie version of \"The Little Drummer Boy\" and talking about how the show was \"All Bing! All Bowie! All the time!\" My sister and I listened to the whole show and laughed our butts off. Since then, every Christmas, we have to listen to that song and inevitably the phrase \"All Bing! All Bowie! All the time!\" gets repeated ad nauseum during the holidays. We still think it is hilarious.

What I am wondering is:

a) Does anyone else remember this or am I crazy?

b) Does anyone have a recording/air check of this show? I know this is a long shot, but for the sake of my sanity and the sanity of my sister, I must ask.


Can you help? Please?


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