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WOXY goes user-pay. :(

Post by Darkstar416 »

WOXY has gone user-pay unfortunately. $9.95/month USD. Not much different in price to satellite radio.

Apparently they are having trouble convincing their advertisers who their listeners are, so this is a stop-gap measure to stay afloat until they work on their business plan a bit more.

I've given them the benefit of the doubt as I can't bare to be without my WOXY, but it won't be a long term commitment on my part.
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Post by Lee »

That's a real shame about WOXY. And I don't know how successful they'll be, since there are so many free options out there.

Reading between the lines, they sound a bit desperate. One thing I do like is that you don't get re-billed, so you can do it for a month and then decide if you want to continue. Hope they survive.
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