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From Show Biz Weekly, November 2003:

Get into The Spirit!

The Spirit Reunion 2003The Guvernment/Kool Haus, 132 Queen's Quay East, Wednesday, November 12, 2003. Doors 8:00PM

Fans of CFNY's The Spirit of Radio, the free-form alternative radio format that pushed the medium to the outer limits from 1977 to 1989, should keep the night of Wednesday November 12th wide open for the wild and wonderful Spirit of Radio Reunion Party. Wander through eight entertaining theme rooms, decorated with CFNY paraphernalia and soak up a piece of alternative radio history.

It all started in early spring 2003 when David Marsden, former Director of Operations and Programming of CFNY from 1977 to 1989, known to Earl Jive as "The Godfather of The Spirit of Radio", sent an e-mail to friends, about the possibility of a reunion. Over the next month or so, David was deluged by CFNY "Spirit" listeners and staff, and this exciting prospect took on a life of its own, setting the wheels in motion for what promises to be a landmark event. 

CFNY DJs and staff who contributed much to the musical madness of one of Toronto's most inventive and provocative radio stations, will be there, including: Craig Beesack, Mary Ellen Beninger, Don Berns, Jim Bird, Pamela Blair, Ron Bruchal, Lee Carter, Alan Cross, Mary Curtis, Diana Degruijter, Alan Eagleson, Lindsay Gillespie, Peter Goodwin, Peter Griffin, Ivar Hamilton, Hal Harbour, David Haydu, David Hight, Emi Hudec, Pat Hurley, Liz Janik, Earl Jive, "Deadly" Hedley Jones, Tim Keele, Wolfgang Klein, Leslie Kross, Bob Lehman, David Marsden, Dave Mazmanian, Steve Macaulay, Kevin O'Leary, Maie Pauts, Fred Patterson, Skip Prokop, Jim Reid, Joan Rimmer, Geets Romo, Scot Turner, James Ufton, Chris Van Allan, and more surprise guests.

8:00 PM at The Guvernment - The Spirit Road Show Featuring DJs who played in the clubs and at the CFNY Video Roadshow. A night of classic songs from the late seventies and eighties. - Craig Beesack - Don Berns - Alan Cross - Ivar Hamilton - "Deadly" Hedley Jones - Scot Turner 9:30PM @ Kool Haus. Enjoy live music from some of the artists who helped to shape the sound and vision of the station. Artists scheduled to appear include: - The Pukka Orchestra - Nash The Slash - The Spoons - Images In Vogue - Martha and the Muffins - The Extras.

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