tickets and stubs

Unless otherwise noted, most of this stuff is from the collection of Wilma Blokhuis. Thanks again, Wilma!

Right: This 10th Anniversary Concert ticket stub is mine (July 1, 1987 I think)

Some old logos from Bill Dulmage:

Left: Record cover from a single recorded by Bob Dye of Buffalo as an ode to CFNY for its friendliness.

1991 CASBY Music Awards ticket stub:

front back

Old CHIC/CFNY logos:

Wilma says: "I picked this up at a gas station - found it on the pavement. This contest was never played. Tickets distributed towards the end of the 1980s."

Lottery ticket

The following items are from the personal collection of Kat Goodale. Click them to see the full-size version:

And, back when Labatt's was still Labatt's and not just Labatt:


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