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There are a limited number of tickets available for this night of a thousand haircuts. Tickets are limited, and are available now through Ticketmaster!

Artists scheduled to appear:

  • The Extras

  • Tony Malone from Drastic Measures

  • Martha and the Muffins

  • Dale Martindale of Images In Vogue

  • Nash The Slash

  • Carole Pope and Kevan Staples (Rough Trade)

  • The Pukka Orchestra

  • The Spoons

  • More currently being scheduled!

CFNY employees who will be at the reunion:

  • Nancy Ball (Administration)

  • Debbie Barlow (Administration)

  • Doug Barron/Hal Harbour (On Air)

  • Craig Beesack (On Air)

  • Mary Ellen Beninger (News/On Air)

  • Don Berns (On Air)

  • Jim Bird (News)

  • Pamela Blair (On Air/News)

  • Dan Blakely (News)

  • Dave Booth/Daddy Cool (On Air)

  • Ron Bruchal (On Air)

  • Maureen Bulley (Creative)

  • Anna Carbone (Sales)

  • Lee Carter (On Air)

  • Alan Cross (On Air)

  • Leslie Cross (Administration)

  • Greta Culliford (Traffic)

  • Mary Curtis (Administration)

  • Dianna Degurter (Reception)

  • Scott Eagleson (On Air)

  • Joanne Faloona (Administration)

  • Karen Fisher

  • Nora Fountain (Traffic)

  • Lindsay Gillespie (Production)

  • Peter Goodwin (On Air)

  • Regan Gorman (Sales)

  • Michael Greggs (Sales)

  • Peter Griffin (On Air)

  • Ivar Hamilton (On Air)

  • Mike Hanafin (News/Sports)

  • David Haydu/Geets Romo (On Air/Engineering)

  • David Hight (On Air)

  • Emi Hudec (Administration)

  • Pat Hurley (Management)

  • Liz Janik (On Air)

  • Earl Jive (On Air)

  • "Deadly" Hedley Jones (On Air)

  • Tim Keele (On Air)

  • Wolfgang Klein (Sales)

  • Bob Lehman (Production)

  • Steve Macaulay (Sales)

  • David Marsden (Guru)

  • John Masecar (Production)

  • Dave Mazmanian (Production)

  • Ann McLaughlin (News)

  • Rick Mickolwyn (Sales)

  • Danny Nicholson (News)

  • Kevin O'Leary (Programming)

  • Fred Patterson (On Air)

  • Maie Pauts (On Air)

  • Jim Reid (On Air)

  • Joan Rimmer (Administration)

  • Roger Roadshow

  • Fred Skogland (Sales)

  • Brian Smuck (Sales)

  • Martin Streek (Roadshow)

  • Scot Turner (On Air)

  • Andy Tzemis (Sales)

  • Chris Van Allen (Sales)

  • Earl Veale (Music)

  • Jimmy Veale (Engineering)

  • Sue Walach/Shannon (Administration)

  • ...and more!

DJ's listed in yellow will be spinning tunes at the CFNY Reunion Roadshow. Come visit old friends, or meet the people behind the voice!

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