Mike Stafford and Fred Patterson at the 1984 U-Knows

Kevin O'Leary standing atop the CFNY entry at the Crazy Boat Race in Glen Williams, 1983 or 1984. Courtesy Fred Patterson.

Christmas Card that Kevin O'Leary and Ivar Hamilton sent out in 1984. Courtesy Fred Patterson.

The late Nick Charles with Fred Patterson's daughter Melanie in the "Office Sports Bar" in 1984. Courtesy Fred Patterson.

Caricature that was done for Pete and Geets in 1986 to commemorate their sixth anniversary on CFNY. Courtesy Fred Patterson.

CFNY Wankees 1984. Front Row left to right. Keven O'Leary, Alan Erikson, Fred Patterson, Peter Griffin, Andy Palidwor.
Second row, left to right. Earl Veale, Fred Ball, Maureen Bulley, Nora Fountain, (unknown beer rep).
Third row left to right. Darren Wasylyk, Dillon Griffin, Marg Fardella, Jim Bow.
Courtesy Fred Patterson.

Pictures from the CFNY Video Roadshow in Kitchener (click for larger versions)

Don Berns on stage:

Martin Streek spins the vinyl:

The "little yellow house":

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