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Date Added: 1/6/2005
Added By: jeff klipstein
Identified: Not Yet!

From Klip, 1/6/2005 1:15:41 PM:

The song I'm looking for is called "Wide Load" and I don't know who sang it, or where to get a copy of it. Can anyone help?

From Phil, 1/8/2005 2:09:01 PM:

did a search on allmusic got this

Joey Baron Joey Baron Down Home 1997 Jazz

Coyote Men Coyote Men Vs. El Mundo 1999 Rock

DJ Abstract Golden Gate Breaks, Vol. 1 2003 Electronica

John's Black Dirt Perpetual Optimism is a Force Multiplier
1994 Rock

R. Stevie Moore Innuendoes (NUN2)
1973 Rock

The Subdudes Lucky 1991 Rock

From thomas, 1/8/2005 8:27:03 PM:

I think you are thinking of the song by a canadian reggae band called - ONE

From thomas, 1/9/2005 10:10:57 AM:

The name of the album was called "Smokin' The Goats" by ONE. Try a search on that, but I think it is deleted now.

From Amie, 2/10/2005 12:55:33 PM:

I agree, the name of the band is ONE...song goes, "wid eload...wide wide laod...wide load, over sized load...that girl she's a little bit hefty, that girl, she's a little bit chunky"...and on...love that band...had the tape but it broke...looking to get it...know where to get it??

From Cupit, 2/16/2005 2:20:56 AM:

Indeed it is! ="Wide Load" by One is the 3rd track on Smokin' the goats 1994

From Tyson, 2/22/2005 3:38:45 PM:

Anyone have any luck finding this one? Would be really nice if I could get it.


From Paul, 8/2/2005 1:09:04 AM:

Thanks for that, you guys helped bring back some memories of my cottage when i was 7.

From Sheila, 1/27/2006 3:12:12 PM:

I'm looking for the song, too. Thanks for the information, so far!

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