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Date Added: 11/16/2002
Added By: Denise
Identified: Yes!   

From Denise, 11/16/2002 11:31:57 PM:

My brother was trying to remember a song and all he could think of was something along the lines of "the soul of a woman" coming from below... and no, he's not thinking of LZ's "Dazed & Confused", he's thinking of some 80's alternative song.

From Craig Hastings, 12/18/2002 12:38:24 AM:

Is it maybe.

"the soul of a woman cut from her man"

Future To This Life, Joe Walsh/Lita Ford
Theme from Robocop the series?

Not exactly the 80's but the only thing I could think of.

From Denise, 12/19/2002 1:55:43 AM:

Actually, he finally remembered the song - he was thinking of "Female Of The Species" by Space. So much for him thinking it was an 80's song!

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