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Date Added: 11/17/2002
Added By: andy
Identified: Yes!   

From andy, 11/17/2002 4:20:38 PM:

i heard a song back in 1982 in Spain, we have been trying to ID it for 20 years now !, it was a dancey type of song, woman singer, and the only lyrics we know are "Whoa oh, baby what you doing tonight", which appeared quite often in the song. Not much to go on, but i came across this site and thought i'd try here.

From Paul Miceli, 1/7/2003 12:06:30 AM:

Hi Andy,

Try posting this at the site Lorne mentioned.I'm sure someone might know it.



From Paul Miceli, 1/9/2003 5:21:07 PM:

Hi Andy,

Glad to see your search of 21 years is over.



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