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Date Added: 2/20/2005
Added By: Jay
Identified: Yes!   

From Jay, 2/20/2005 10:35:27 PM:

I have several songs I can't identify artist/title from the mid 80's to about 1991.

The first song is:

She said she came from heaven, on a one-day tour
To please the men she meets and makes them beg for more
I see her walk my streets a hundred times a night
I sit and fantasize about things I know aren't right

Well your hands are shakin' and your heart is breakin' and I don't know where to turn
The rules you're breakin' and your love's foresaken, although

It goes on from there, but it is very melodic, the singer is a bit reminiscent of Andy Partridge of XTC, but definitely not them. I think I heard it around 1991

Another song goes like this:

Look at all these people, running all around the world
Then think they've seen it all, but they aint seen nothing yet
What about those people, who go to bed hungry every night
What about those people, do they deserve the same

Sacrifice is everything you said it was, sacrifice is everything and more

From Jay, 2/20/2005 10:41:03 PM:


Sacrifice is everything it's meant to be, sacrifice is right that's right, it's right that's right

Towards the end the song repeats this chorus and also has someone screaming "Do you go to bed hungry" a few times.

Another song has an English sounding male singer, a bit like Then Jerico's lead singer and the Chorus repeats

How hard it is to care, harder to believe, everything in there, break it up for public sake (or perhaps it is public taste)

If anyone has any clues, educated guesses or definitive answers I would appreciate any help and will reward anyone who can give me artist/title as I'd like to acquire original albums with these.

From Steve Adams, 2/5/2006 1:06:49 PM:

just came across this site and your question so please excuse me if you've had a bunch of answers already. the last track mentioned is Then Jerico (you were right about the singer sounding a bit like them!). The song is called "Fault"

From Jay Smelkinson, 2/5/2006 4:02:12 PM:

Many thanks for the help here. Actually I went into a site and found that song is "The Big Sweep" remix on the greatest hits compilation. If you like I can send you a tape of the other songs I am searching for, since I don't have the capability of making mpegs yet. Thanks again!!

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