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Date Added: 8/5/2005
Added By: Kevin K
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From Kevin K, 8/5/2005 7:48:57 PM:

Heard on CFNY circa Spring 1984 new wave-style song in high rotation. Almost all-female vocals (think Toronto - the band that did "Your Daddy Don't Know" - even though they're not CFNY material). Only words I recall are "stainless" and "steel(less)" - something like them in starting verses.
There was a video too (saw once on CHUM 30 in late summer that year, after song had time to climb charts). Shot in video (as opposed to cinemafilm) goofy and freaky hospital OR. Lots of green screen FX used, including a hole in male patient's head with vortex of water (toilet flushing) drawing camera-view in. From what examples I can recall if anyone knows what I'm thinking of you'd have to have been from Toronto and/or surrounding southern Ontario. I'd like to know the name of the artist(s) and song - don't even know if they're CanCon. Thanks for your help!

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