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Date Added: 8/8/2005
Added By: Scott French
Identified: Not Yet!

From scott, 8/8/2005 9:45:04 PM:

I guess I didn't do this right. I have no mp3 and only a very slim description of the song.
I'm going crazy with the tune in my head but no lyrics. It was played during the summer of 84' or 85'. Mostly instrumental with a conga (latin hand drums) progression keeping time in a moderate to slow 4/4 . The synthesizers played a very haunting minor chord progression over and over. It was definitely New Wave meets New Age and soo meditative. Not much to go on I know but if anyone has some ideas just shoot them to me . Thank You.

From Dimitri Iordanoglou, 8/10/2005 6:50:59 PM:

Okay Scott.....you wanted a longshot. Here goes. Tears for Fears had a B Side to "Change" that wasn't officially released but did get some air play on CFNY. The song is called "The Conflict." That is the only song that comes to mind. Not sure if it helps.

From gobbledygook123, 9/27/2005 7:43:31 PM:

I'm sure this isn't it but Moments in Love by Art of Noise extended version had some percussion layered in over a slow synthesizer melody

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