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Date Added: 10/31/2005
Added By: Sean
Identified: Not Yet!

From Sean, 10/31/2005 9:17:42 PM:

Okay, I have asked every one at almost every HMV in ontario. I believe it came out in Early 1990-92 and heard on cfny. It begins with a rainstorm, and the lyrics of the chorus go "feel the rain...it's coming from your heart" Good luck to anybody who can figure this one out. Thanks!

From Gordo, 11/5/2005 12:38:55 AM:

Is it "Crying In The Rain" by a-ha?

From Sean, 11/5/2005 12:16:20 PM:

Oooo, I wish it was. It actually has really cool guitar riff at the beginnig (reminds me of Bev Hills 90210), and the song ends with a rain shower. The lyrics start "she's dancing, when she smiles, she wants to hold you in her arms" than the chorus "feel the rain, it's coming from your heart". It may be a-ha, i'll give it a shot, but the style doesn't sound like them. Thanks Gordo.

From Cory, 12/22/2005 11:49:28 AM:

A long shot, but maybe it's a remix of the song "Feel the raindrops" by "The Adventures"

From Sean, 12/22/2005 5:33:43 PM:

Hey Cory, I checked that one too, the lyrics don't match. In the next couple of days I'll upload an mp3 of it. $20 to whoever knows it...or a beer...whatever you please.

From Cory, 7/31/2006 8:59:33 AM:

Depends on the beer. :)

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