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Date Added: 1/29/2021
Added By: Jay
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Identified: Yes!   

From Jay, 1/29/2021 12:03:56 AM:

Got this song from WCVT, Towson, MD in late 80s or early 90s

From nonoseacrest, 9/21/2021 12:29:18 PM:

Hi! Could you upload the full song here? https://vocaroo.com/upload The file cuts off after a while here, this site only allows smaller files

From Jay, 9/21/2021 7:09:18 PM:

i just uploaded that song and three others. I'm not sure how I can tell if it's been identified as it asked for no information and all I did was upload the songs.

From FatBird, 9/21/2021 9:53:48 PM:

Jay, please paste the vocaroo link here so we can hear the song. The full song gets cut off by sor, but with vocaroo we'll be able to hear the full song

From Jay, 9/22/2021 3:47:07 PM:

How do I do that? I am confused with this vocaroo site and how it links up with this site. Thanks!

From FatBird, 9/22/2021 4:36:47 PM:

After you upload the file on https://vocaroo.com/ a link should appear. It will be vocaroo.com followed by a bunch of random numbers and letters. Copy that link and paste it here. You should do that on your other posts as well, as it might make the songs easier to find (hopefully).

From Jay, 9/22/2021 5:54:05 PM:


From FatBird, 9/22/2021 7:30:58 PM:

You have to go to the site https://vocaroo.com/ and click upload. It will ask you to choose a file. Select the song you want to upload (it'll take a few seconds). When it's done uploading, a link will appear on the page. Copy that link and paste it here in a comments

From Jay, 9/22/2021 10:26:45 PM:

I'm really confused on how to do this. I thought I did it correctly but I can't figure it out. Is there any way I can send the mp3s to you and you can help me? I'm sorry!!

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