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Date Added: 5/19/2006
Added By: Scott
Identified: Not Yet!

From Scott, 5/19/2006 11:35:58 AM:

Looking for a new-waveish song, the only lyrics I remember (in no particular order)

"See your face" (or "Saw your face")
"Start to cry" (or "Started to cry")
"Live my life"

It is NOT Boom Boom Room's "Love Your Face." Song I'm looking for sounds a bit like The English Beat, Psychedelic Furs, or another Brit band from the early 80s. Or maybe even a bit like Stewart Adamson/Big Country. A bouncy beat, and the singer seemed kinda angry about whatever he was singing out. It wasn't a big hit as far as I know. Just to clarify, when I type those lyrics in Google I get a song by Gary Moore...it's NOT the song I'm looking for.

From Gina, 7/28/2006 12:47:31 PM:

Section 25 did "Looking from a Hilltop" and she repeats "I just want to see your face, see your face". Mabye not it, but a great song nonetheless. It was a miracle I ever figured out that song on my own.

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