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Date Added: 7/1/2006
Added By: sorabji_66
Identified: Yes!   

From sorabji_66, 7/1/2006 11:15:53 PM:

upbeat synthesizer tune.

chorus is male and female alternating "hello".

From James, 7/2/2006 10:14:53 AM:

Could it be the Italo song "Telephone" by Style?

From sorabji_66, 7/4/2006 11:01:08 PM:

Yup. Thank you.

Woke up the other day with it in my head although i couldn't have heard it for about 20+ years.

From James, 7/7/2006 9:46:57 PM:

Glad I could help. I was listening to it about a month ago. I was re-introduced to that song a few years ago, and recognized it even though I probably only heard it once before on the radio in the 80s.

From sorabji_66, 7/9/2006 6:51:44 PM:

The flashbackalternatives.com website sealed the deal with a request for the song that was granted within a half hour.

Thanks again!!

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