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Date Added: 7/18/2006
Added By: stranded
Identified: Yes!   

From stranded, 7/18/2006 6:32:36 PM:

Hi any ideas on this one it's either 81 or 82 thanks.

From stranded, 7/18/2006 6:46:04 PM:

I'm trying to add an mp3 but it wont let me.

From audiofool, 7/19/2006 5:08:08 PM:

do you have any lyrics that you could post ?

From stranded, 7/19/2006 6:42:04 PM:

It's a female singer I'd say Canadian sounding reggae-skarish.
The 31st is when I pay the phone bill,I told them I didn't even know anybody In Toronto.
Everyday at 7.00 Iv'e been watching {something}
Iv'e been reading all and looking up the hard words
Iv'e met people who get me on the guest list
My parents said they would help me pay for grad school
You know I never washed a sweater I never knew when my hair was to long.
I got the cab out of the high life.
I learn't a lot since you've been gone
Iv'e done a lot since you've been gone
Now {somthing something]is a vicious cycle
Time passed as the model couple
I'm sorry but I don't feel awfull
It wasn't the end of the world
I'm sorry I can't be helpless
It wasn't the end of the world.

From LexieM, 10/7/2006 10:30:40 AM:

It's "No Guilt" by the Waitresses.

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