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Date Added: 9/19/2006
Added By: Maury
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From Maury, 9/19/2006 5:50:20 PM:

Oh, I know this is all too vauge, but...

Around 85/86 there was a song by a one-hit wonder (or so I assume) about parents moving to "the new land" and trying to force their kids to live in according to old customs. I always assumed it was largely autobiographical.

The song had a second brush with airtime success during "the bad years", when it seemed to be a favorite during the nooner requests before they put the kibosh on taste and started playing top 40 even in that slot (when was that? summer '89?).

The sound was traditional "new wave", entirely synth and generally overproduced and undersung. The only lyric I can seem to remember is "chamelion", which was part of the chorus (and a hate-on to any joker who says "Culture Club").

Sooooo, any ideas?

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