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Date Added: 10/31/2006
Added By: Soundhound
Identified: Yes!   

From Soundhound, 10/31/2006 7:42:10 PM:

Heard in 94 on an Aussie station. British or Aussie accent male vocals, reminds me of Sparks somewhat. It could very likely be older, it sounds very CFNY.

you can have all the money, take the house honey, you can even keep the shirt off my back, you think that you cant lose but your attitude proves you'd even sell your mother for cash - we dont want pretty people, dont need pretty people, hate pretty people round here, we dont like pretty people, despise pretty people, something pretty people round here

From stranded, 11/29/2006 2:47:30 PM:

I'm sure it's the only song put out by a band called "The Electric Hippies" called "Greedy People".They were two ex members from an Australian band called Noiseworks.The song was actually about the lead singer of Noiseworks called Jon Stevens after they broke up.

From stranded, 12/2/2006 4:40:38 AM:

Here you go


From Soundhound, 12/2/2006 2:43:33 PM:

Thats it!! How cool, thank you both.

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