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Date Added: 11/21/2006
Added By: Andirocks
Identified: Yes!   

From Andirocks, 11/21/2006 12:45:22 PM:

It's from 86/87. Heard it twice on the live stream Nov. 20 and 21 (James Scott 87-04-09)at 11:50am EST but have yet to hear who it is or the title. Main chorus says " tell everybody I'm going to wait for 10 years" then something about "I'm going to wander among the ....fields(?)". Please let me know the band and title of the song. Thanks!

From blob2, 11/21/2006 4:56:12 PM:

It's "Among the Wicklow Hills" by Daniel O'Donnell.


The autumn evening filled with copper shades
I see the birds neck in the frame
A figure walks into the sunset
Someone goes past suspended from the sky


Takes more imagination
When everything's remote control
For me it's just a case of
What's on the far side of the road
Tell everybody I'm going away for ten years
I'm going to wander among the Wicklow Hills

The travelling children in their Sunday clothes
Lost on the corner of the street
Fat gypsy lady smacks the window pane
A farm dog gets out on the motorway


From Andirocks, 11/21/2006 5:12:40 PM:

You're right about the title! Thanks I did some searching and the version I'm after is by Pierce Turner.

From perry, 1/30/2007 9:25:17 AM:

this is the rgith title maybe but it's not the song we're looking for ours is sometihng to the tune of beginning like:
i just received a letter from
my home in ireland
and the writing was familiar too,
my father's feeble hand????
where can i get THOSE lyrics

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