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Date Added: 1/24/2003
Added By: Chris Austin
Identified: Yes!   

From Chris Austin, 1/24/2003 2:54:03 AM:

I believe the song was called 'Toast'. I thought it may have been Jona Lewie but from what I have been able to find it isn't. Just a guy with a british accent talking(and whistling)about his love for toast. I heard it on CFNY loads in the early 80s. If anyone knows this I would be really thrilled to hear back from you. Thanks in advance!

From Chris Austin, 1/24/2003 3:10:29 AM:

Never mind...just found it under the songs section in this site(even a quality mp3 of it for download!!). Somehow I had overlooked it when I first checked the page. I'm so happy to have finally found this!!

From Rick, 4/18/2003 6:16:36 PM:

Anyone know how to get the Toast song to download and be able to burn it on a cd?

From Chris Austin, 4/18/2003 8:44:13 PM:

Right click on the link, select Save Target As. Select a spot on your computer to save it(I have found that creating a folder on your desktop for such files is easiest, or just sending right on to the desktop) and away you go, I burned it to disc and it sounds great!

From Rick, 4/18/2003 10:36:51 PM:

Thanks Chris. Worked great.

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