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Date Added: 2/3/2003
Added By: Ryan
Identified: Yes!   

From Ryan, 2/3/2003 6:01:54 PM:

Does anyone recall a dance song from the early 90's that used samples of the drums and bass from Fool's Gold by the Stone Roses? I thought it might be Die Warzau, but am not sure. It had an edgy, industrial feel to it as I recall.

From CrashNBurn, 2/4/2003 12:02:27 PM:

Run DMC had a song WhatsItAllAbout which stole the fool's gold sample maybe this is the song you want
including the bassline. The drum pattern Stone Roses used has been sampled to no end in numerous songs and is a james brown song.
I'm sure Die Warzau has sampled or used a similar pattern, most likely in a "Funkopolis" remix or something

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