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Date Added: 3/12/2008
Added By: Charles B
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Identified: Yes!   

From Charles B, 3/12/2008 9:02:34 AM:

Female Voice - kind of spanish sounding music

Easy Manolete
Easy Manolete
Take the Manolete.
Tease the Manolete

???ing my love
Won't be mystified
Crowds cheers rise
To see the one who dies.
There's no reason
To go inside
I long to be
Let the feet of the bull take you.
It's taking you down - ole
Down - ole
Oh toreros - he's taking you down

From andy, 11/20/2011 5:34:57 PM:

Synthpop which does not sound pre-1985.
Just a wild guess, but what about this one:


There's nothing else I found which would only remotely fit the genre and the period.

From Charles B, 2/15/2016 9:04:22 PM:

Ole by Bambi

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