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Date Added: 4/4/2008
Added By: Charles B
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Identified: Yes!   

From Charles B, 4/4/2008 12:27:33 PM:

Announcer mentioned "Sons of..." after the song.

Lyics as follows:

can you hear me call you
or are you locked inside your mind
a slave that is in your imagery
its you - is you i want to find
to find

it's you he's got to find
it's you he's got to find

can you hear me call you
i called so many times before
wanting to see you see me
as to open up the door
the door
open up the door
open up the door
i'm calling you
i'm calling

From Matt, 5/11/2014 2:44:59 PM:

Charles B,
did you maybe find out who is it?

From Charles B, 5/11/2014 2:55:04 PM:

No, not yet.

From Dino, 12/29/2014 11:58:48 PM:

Hello, Charles B.

I will help you to find the title of this song.

Do you maybe, by any chance, still have a longer audio sample of it?

I hope you will reply to me..


From Dino, 12/30/2014 2:58:45 AM:

And, if you can maybe tell when and where it was recorded?

From Dino, 1/8/2015 9:54:50 AM:

ah, well...

From Ian DJ, 1/11/2015 7:09:38 AM:

Nice song.
If someone is interested let me know as I have it on 7'' two copies left.

From Charles, 1/11/2015 6:37:06 PM:

Dino - send me you email address and I will email you the entire song.

From Dino, 1/16/2015 4:05:09 PM:

Hello, Charles.

My email address is:



From nonoseacrest, 10/13/2020 2:17:45 PM:

Could this be a lead? https://www.discogs.com/Sons-Of-Sorrow-Nobody-Should-Dream/release/791173?

From Charles B, 10/16/2020 5:03:46 PM:

Could be. From the right time period. Too bad there doesn't seem to be anything on Youtube to listen to.

From rybalan, 10/18/2020 7:51:32 AM:

Hey, could you share the full clip on https://vocaroo.com/upload ? Thanks in advance

From rybalan2, 10/18/2020 1:29:23 PM:

or upload a .flac on MEGA or a good upload site

From Humanracer, 2/7/2021 10:41:12 AM:

This is a great song and we want to help you find it. Please upload the complete song so we can have more to go on. Several people have asked for it and despite promises, they never got the full song. We don't want to spend hours of our time if it's going to end in no result. Send to humanracer@yahoo.com

From Samuel molina, 2/21/2021 11:13:41 AM:

You got the full song?

From nonoseacrest, 2/21/2021 2:35:51 PM:

Sons of Sorrow has been ruled out by a seller. But here's another possible lead: https://www.discogs.com/Suns-Of-One-Calling/release/15278238

From Charles B, 2/22/2021 12:08:24 AM:

Suns of One seems possible. I have to find a copy to confirm.

From nonoseacrest, 2/26/2021 3:07:45 PM:

Calling is correct! After all these years, it has finally been solved! you can here samples of 2 songs from the EP here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-6_Yo1W3fyJVI_fOQojoQhVWMojmxcAj and there should be a full rip coming soon

From nonoseacrest, 2/26/2021 3:12:10 PM:

*hear. oops

From nonoseacrest, 2/26/2021 4:12:02 PM:

full rip: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1roR9CdNyxRV6GwcKRaDGflOPfa74zZu3

From Samuel molina, 2/26/2021 5:49:57 PM:

Finally https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-gZTJ5njU5Y

From Charles B, 2/27/2021 1:49:41 AM:

Nailed it. Thanks

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