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Date Added: 4/7/2008
Added By: Charles B
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From Charles B, 4/7/2008 8:45:22 AM:

Recorded in 1991 off of CFNY. The corus goes as "Ride this wave forever"

Other lyrics are:

i have seen winds of change
*** the weathered all the pain
cause you know
you only got the sound to blame

From Hunter Rose, 12/15/2008 7:39:41 AM:

That's it! I've been looking for that for over a decade!!!

Who is it?


From Hunter Rose, 2/2/2013 5:18:22 AM:

Still nothing... Wow.

From Hunt for the song., 3/9/2014 12:29:57 AM:

I think I have this on cassette tape somewhere, but I haven't found it since a flood took so much.
Can anyone on FB help?

This isn't a crucial or medical matter, but one of culture. Spoiled as we are by our presumed access to everything, it's easy to forget what has been lost to history due to a lack of curiosity.
Can we bring this one out of the Memory Hole?

From The True Grendel, 1/1/2020 11:08:35 PM:

This makes me sad.

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