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Date Added: 8/24/2011
Added By: Robin
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From Robin, 8/24/2011 9:52:16 AM:

Hello All

Found this forum by chance... and I am so pleased I did. I have no mp3's... these are only memories hence I need the ID's to get the songs.

1st off... in the late 80's, I recorded a number of songs from the radio here in South Africa... two of these are brain splinters and drive me mad trying to track them down again... from only a few lyrics.

Anyone who may have some more info please rescue me from a certain slow insanity!

Here is the 1st splinter...

1st verse beginning...
"No one but your truly can work up some steam on the African Queen..."

Everytime I see you I walk on by
It was never my intention to let love die
No happy ever after, No sad goodbye...."

And that is all I have of that...

the 2nd...

"You're like a mirage
I can see you
But I can't touch you
You slip through my hands
Like the sinking sands

From horizon to hori-zon....."

And that is all.

Rings any bells with anyone ?

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