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Date Added: 2/18/2017
Added By: C. Christensen
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Identified: Yes!   

From C. Christensen, 2/18/2017 1:48:07 PM:

I recorded this in the mid 80s from a local radio show. I've never known the name or band. Maniacal saxophone all through out the song. Refrain:
"How many of these problem do you have, huh? How many of these problems do you have, Huh? It was fun for a while. It was fun for-a-while. But that was a while ago!"

From D. Thompson, 2/25/2017 2:55:10 PM:

Puppies In A Sack
by The Dancing Cigarettes
(according to Shazam!)

From CChristensen, 2/25/2017 3:29:14 PM:

Dear Gawd! That's the one. It had eluded all the searches I did via lyric engines.

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