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Date Added: 1/27/2019
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From Rob, 6/14/2019 9:23:24 PM:

The track is About You About Me by a band called Heads Up Display who then became Joy Machine.The full story and full track is posted here.


Tim Heireth
4 years ago

Ahhh! The never ending debate about this damn song! This song was written and released in 1991 by my first band Heads Up Display, as a cassette only release by a self-recorded and produced local band. In 1999 we released it on mp3.com on our Joy Machine page to give people a taste of our earlier work. When Exciter was about to be released, somebody leaked the album on Napster. To muddy the search, someone (not us, probably someone from their label) had the brilliant idea of falsely labeling a bunch of tracks that sounded similar to DM as b-sides for the album. This track and one of our Joy Machine songs, Separate Ways, which we recorded in 1994, were among a good half dozen of songs that were "leaked". We got a lot of angry comments about riding coat tails and crap ab

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