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Date Added: 11/6/2019
Added By: Nico Bozzolan
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From Nico Bozzolan, 11/6/2019 4:11:02 AM:

Many years ago, I once heard, in a french radio, what they said to be a swiss radio project. It was a group of children, from Switzerland, and there was an adult singer, male, singing ahead of them. It seems like these kids had some physical disability_ but I'm not sure with this point. They sing children's songs, in swiss-german language. The only song excerpt that I remember (for sure) was "Ässe, ässe, ässe...", this lyrics in english is "Eat, eat, eat/ What are we going to eat?"
I'm looking for the name of this band (or project), or just the name of this song.

From Josef Wurzel, 7/26/2020 3:32:06 PM:

This one by chance ?

Christof Fankhauser - Ässe


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