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Date Added: 6/11/2020
Added By: Jay
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From Jay, 6/11/2020 8:04:24 PM:

The four songs that I am downloading were taken off the radio in the Baltimore DC area between 1985 and 1991. I am not sure if the artist is local or not, but if anybody here is familiar with that area they were played on either WHFS or WCVT (Towson University). The first two songs are the ones I want the most and if anybody can help me I would be eternally grateful!!!

From Ayden Stoll, 9/21/2021 9:20:50 PM:

It really seems like it is or very influenced by the talking heads

From 80s Fan, 10/23/2021 1:17:32 PM:

In Pursuit - Sacrifice 1986

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