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Date Added: 5/14/2021
Added By: Martin
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Identified: Yes!   

From Martin, 5/14/2021 1:39:15 PM:

found this on my old cassettes from 85-88

From axie, 5/14/2021 7:14:13 PM:

do you have a full version?
use vocaroo.com

From axie, 5/14/2021 7:15:45 PM:

nevermind, i found it:
Take Me For A Ride by Taja Sevelle

From Martin, 5/15/2021 3:03:08 AM:

thank you so much, I know Taja Seville and I have the LP...But I couldn't see it

From Martin, 5/15/2021 10:55:31 AM:

how did you find it?

From axie, 6/4/2021 10:45:33 PM:

sorry, just saw this-- I just searched up "take me for a ride" discogs.com :)

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