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Date Added: 5/14/2021
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From FULLSAILOR, 5/14/2021 11:10:35 PM:

"Shine Your Light On Me??"

From axie, 6/4/2021 10:46:32 PM:

do you have a longer sample? if so, use vocaroo.com

From axie, 6/4/2021 10:47:22 PM:

never mind, just saw your other post

From Nico, 6/18/2021 1:27:30 PM:

You can listen here:


From Blergh, 8/26/2021 3:18:07 AM:

Do you have any info on when/where you found this song?

From FULLSAILOR, 8/26/2021 1:09:01 PM:

Hi Blergh! I've found it a few days ago, sorry for not having told you guys here :/ It's from a Norwegian band called Sharks & Whales ‎and the song is "Shine On Me" from 1988 ;)Thanks for writing anyway!

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