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Date Added: 8/1/2003
Added By: Marek
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Identified: Yes!   

From Marek, 9/5/2003 9:16:41 PM:

Hi !

This song is solved !!!,thanks to people who helped id this.

Natascha-Don't Look (1985)

From Frayo, 9/9/2003 11:43:42 AM:

I thought it was Natasha King.

Thats cool. I'll try and find some release/LP info.
Let me know if you come across any.


From Marek, 9/14/2003 11:02:59 AM:

Hi Frayo !

...sorry i did big mistake it's not Natascha!...right is NATHALIE-DON'T LOOK (1985)


From Frayo, 9/14/2003 9:24:07 PM:

Marek, I have an unknown song that I need IDed. I was wondering, could you send it to some of your ID people that identified your last clip, please? This one is kind of hard due to its short length, but someone out there has to know! Ill give you the URL here. Ill also give you my email address. PLEASE let me know of your intension and of any responces.

PS: It is NOT Numbers With Wings - The Bongos



From Marek, 9/15/2003 4:02:28 AM:

Hi Frayo !

I just checked ...
You are the same person (Jonathan) who sent me this clip about month ago !so we know each other already :)
Let's keep searchin this ! We must find it !!!


From Frayo, 9/15/2003 3:38:54 PM:

Ah OK. I didnt recognize the nick :)

From Frayo, 1/27/2005 5:07:59 PM:

Marek. Did you ever ID the song 464.. "from New York, she left her in the dark?" I noticed it was not on your website anymore, so I was wondering if you ID'ed it.

And the other italo song "Under your wings, you take me to heaven".

Thanks. my email is rfrayo@gmail.com

From Marek, 1/28/2005 7:31:51 PM:

Hi Frayo ,

Yes,this song has identified !My brother found this one.The song name is "Golden War" and artist name Blue Camera.

Another song was "Under Your Wing" by Accelerators.

Regards ,

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