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Date Added: 9/5/2003
Added By: Sam S
Identified: Yes!   

From Sam S, 9/5/2003 5:59:24 PM:

I'm looking for a couple of CFNY tunes. The first tune was often played and I believe it was called "Tenament Steps". Can someone tell me who did that. Also the second one is very vague, I remember hearing only a couple of times. Some of the lyrics were - Blue train coming down on you. That's all I remember. Anyone?

From Rob, 9/5/2003 9:27:49 PM:

Hi Sam,

"Tenement Steps" was by the Motors (1980).

From Sam S., 9/8/2003 11:11:29 AM:

Thanks Rob. Any idea on the other one?

From Michael D, 10/14/2003 9:39:36 PM:

Hi Sam
there were two other songs that i had heard by the motors other than tenament steps, and they were "metropolis" and the other was "that's what john said"............i hope im right

From Sam S, 10/15/2003 11:13:10 AM:

I'm sorry, I may have confused you. The second song was not by the Motors, it was a totally different group. But thanks anyway.

From Michael D, 10/17/2003 4:24:43 PM:

Hi Sam
i did some searching on the internet and the second song that i had mention whic is "that's what john said" is definitely a song by the motors but the other popular tune was called "airport" here is a link to the motors best of cd


From Sam S, 10/17/2003 5:27:46 PM:

Hi Michael

I remember "Metropolis" and "Tenement Steps". I don't remember "That's What John Said". The other song that I am talking about I don't think has anything to do with the Motors. There is a man's deep voice in part of the chorus with a heavy echo to it and he says..."blue train coming down on you." If this is "That's what John Said" is there any way that you can let me hear a bit of it or a site that I can hear a bit of it. In the meantime, I really appreciate your dedication. Cool.


From Michael D, 10/18/2003 11:13:32 PM:

Hi Sam
the song "thats what john said" is a song that is very hard to find. I dont have the cd but i will keep looking for that song or parts of it so you can have a listen.Its not going to be easy....

From geoffolehane, 3/31/2005 8:01:51 PM:

I have a Motors "Best Of" collection with all those songs. I can send you them if you wish.

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