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Date Added: 2/17/2023
Added By: John
Identified: Yes!   

From John, 2/17/2023 4:25:01 PM:

Song that got played only once in a while in the mid-80's ('83 - '85?) that was very synth-based and kinda sparse sounding. The only lyrics I can remember are "You make me want to have sex". I don't think that they were the only words but they might have been as it was mostly music. I know Pete & Geets played it a few times.

From Scott, 2/20/2023 8:58:38 AM:

I think you might be talking about "VOULEZ VOUS COUCHER AVEC MOI CE SOIR" by the German band DAF.

From John, 2/20/2023 9:27:54 AM:

Scott, that's incredible! Thank you so much!
For years I've been trying to remember this song and when I saw your response, at first I thought, oh c'mon man, you're not even close, that's that Labelle song from the 70's, but what the hell, I'll pop it into YT.
That's a BINGO!!
Again, thanks so much, you've prevented me from having to go into psychiatric care. Have never even seen the video before today. Very cheesy with extra cheese sauce, especially the trumpet player. Thanks again

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