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Date Added: 10/19/2003
Added By: Brad
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From Paul Miceli, 11/11/2003 3:46:38 PM:

Hi again,

This is "Sometimes in Vain" by The Parachute Men from 1988

Thanks to Yuri and Miguel for this one.



From Jane Heyes, 2/4/2004 10:55:00 AM:

I think that was fab!It's a shame the "cheeky girls" of the millenium haven't got an ounce of the talent that was displayed by this and many other "unknown" bands of the late 1980's. I can confirm that certain members of the Parachute Men didn't give up and fall into obscurity. In fact the drummer Mark Boyce is currently in a new up and coming rock/folk/alt country band called the Durbervilles www.durbervilles.co.uk who show all of the talent of the Parachute Men but whom are more refined and mature musically and lyrically than all of their previous bands.

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