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Date Added: 11/3/2003
Added By: Samantha
Identified: Yes!   

From samantha, 11/5/2003 9:52:27 AM:

this song has been stuck in my head for about a month and i'm going crazy...i only know the first line in the lyrics and i don't know the artist...it goes "girls push girls side to side" if any one can help please let me know..

From Adam, 11/14/2003 3:27:48 AM:

Hey Samantha... I got your message on my website. I'm not sure who sings the song, but we've got tons a music fanatics who work at the store. I promise I'll let you know as soon as I find out. I'm thinking it might The Cure, but I didn't see any lyrics that have those words.

From greg, 12/18/2003 1:50:51 AM:

yes i dont know the name of this song either. i work at american eagle and they play it all the time. i want to download the song but i only know a few lyrics like "the crowd just seems to multiply" and the "girls push girls" lyric described earlier. help!

From samantha, 12/18/2003 10:53:12 AM:

i work at american eagle also and that's where this all started... but i finally found out who it's by, they're called the faint and the song is call your retro career has melted...it sounded very 80's but turns out it's fairly new...but all in all they turned out to be a very cool band...:0)

From Tom, 12/22/2003 3:11:18 AM:

I work at American Eagle too.

From Jeff, 1/15/2004 3:24:45 AM:

i work at AE too, i was searching for this song for a bit too!!! how funny. good song, they have another one called the glass danse (oakenfold mix) hella good.

From samantha, 1/15/2004 11:20:05 AM:

do you guy's still work for american eagle? i just got back from vacation and on the new spring one music disk there's a song towards the begining by depeche mode but it wasn't very familiar to me...do you know the name of it i wan't to listen to it...

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