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Date Added: 4/28/2004
Added By: pop80s
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From John C. Jones, 4/28/2004 5:10:05 PM:

Sounds like Marc Almond.

From ocean, 4/28/2004 9:35:34 PM:

Could this be B-Movie?? The vocals carry that trademark B-Movie sound and from what I remember they did have a song called "Drowning Man" - could this be the the song you are looking for. Just a guess. I hope this helps.

From John C. Jones, 4/28/2004 10:07:55 PM:

It's not B-Movie.
Have "Drowning man" on their Remembrance Days album and it's not it.

From k. shrubb, 5/4/2004 4:57:43 AM:

has the same soft cell sound, i bet it is marc almond

From Paul Miceli, 5/4/2004 8:38:39 PM:

Hi Pop80's

Was this recorded from the radio ?
sounds so familiar.


From pop80s, 5/5/2004 3:56:09 AM:

Hi Paul,

This song is recorded from an old tape around 1986-1987, from a dance club.

From Rick A. Mortis, 5/7/2004 7:01:35 PM:

That's totally Marc Almond... sounds just like his late 80s Solo material.

From DarkWave, 5/7/2004 10:19:54 PM:

This song is making me nuts . Does anyone know for sure if it is Marc Almond

From Paul Miceli, 5/8/2004 12:38:34 PM:

Hi Guys,

Just received this e-mail from Kate at http://www.marcalmond.co.uk -And she said it is not Marc Almond.

Search goes on.

From Paul Miceli, 5/10/2004 5:57:46 PM:

Hi again,

This is "The Drowning Man" By The Hollow Men,
Same Band who did "White Train"

Never released on cd.

Was only released on a 12" in 1987 in the UK- and it is very rare.



From pop80s, 5/11/2004 5:26:10 AM:

Hi Paul,

A lot of thanks for your help.


From David, 5/21/2004 4:08:33 PM:

If anybody is looking for a copy of this song, you can e-mail me at bince@look.ca or leave a post here.



From David, 6/1/2004 3:36:58 PM:

In case anybody is interested, I can post the front/ back cover of this song as well.


From Paf, 4/5/2005 7:39:35 AM:

Hi David, I'd really like an MP3 of this song if possible, I've been looking for it for ages on soulseek etc. but had no luck. I can only find the actual vinyl for 95 Euros!!!
If you can help, please drop me aline at paf@uom.gr

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