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Date Added: 5/31/2004
Added By: J Umanski
Identified: Yes!   

From J Umanski, 5/31/2004 10:21:45 PM:

I have a song from I think a Canadian band from the early 80's. I have recorded on a cassette and I can't figure out the name of the song and I'm guessing at the group. It's like a one hit wonder!
The main chorus line in the song is.... The reunion
some of the words from a verse go like this: I would look at you forever, forever and a day, I would look at you forever and still not know what to say, I'd rather be laughing....
I'm guessing the band was called "Reunion" and the name of the song "The reunion"
I appreciate anyting you can do. Thanx. Hope to hear from you. Jerry

From David, 6/1/2004 7:13:33 AM:

Hi Jerry:

The song is titled "Reunion" and is by the Toronto band "Breeding Ground"



From Gina, 6/3/2004 3:34:59 PM:

It took me years to find out the right name of that song because I had it labelled as "I'd Rather Be Laughing". For some reason I also knew the group was Canadian, so I searched the JAM Music Encyclopedia and I don't know why, but Breeding Ground seemed familiar. And I ended up finding their song listings there.

From Jerry, 6/4/2004 11:35:34 PM:

Thanx to both of you - I can sleep easier now. Thanx a ton. Let's see how good you two are, I got 3 more new ones at the top of the list. Good luck!

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