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Date Added: 6/2/2004
Added By: Peter
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From Peter, 6/2/2004 5:40:47 PM:

I recorded this song on tape many years ago and I still don't have a clue who that is. Any help or hints would be very much appreciated.

From John C. Jones, 6/3/2004 3:19:08 PM:

sounds so familiar, think it's an early 90's track.
Was it taped from CFNY ?

From Peter, 6/3/2004 5:32:09 PM:

No, it been taped from German radio.

From John C. Jones, 6/3/2004 5:44:46 PM:

Peter, do you remember the year ?

From Peter, 6/3/2004 5:55:16 PM:

Actually I think it was late 80's rather than beginning of 90's. When I taped it, it faded into another song which was from a dutch band called The Essence. I got this album and it is from 1987. So the song I am looking for must be from 1987 or even earlier.

From Jason Fiber, 6/4/2004 2:07:54 AM:

The band is Caterwaul - I'm not sure which song yet (I'd recognize Betsy Martin's voice anywhere). It's probably off either their THe Nature Of THings album or the Pin & Web album - I'll have a listen and post the correct song later.

From Jason Fiber, 6/4/2004 2:16:53 AM:

The song is "Manna & Quail" (by Caterwaul) - but it's actually from a compilation released on Geffen called "Scream" - which was, sort of, a soundtrack to an influential club here in Los Angeles in the mid '80s. The song was later re-recorded for Caterwaul's 3rd album "Portent Hue" on IRS Records.

From Peter, 6/4/2004 5:14:30 PM:

Thanks very much Jason. I've never heard of the band before but the song is great.

From Betsy, 7/15/2004 10:21:14 PM:

It's me!

From Betsy, 7/15/2004 10:28:53 PM:


From Scott, 7/16/2004 1:23:30 AM:

Hey, neat! Never heard of either Caterwaul or Purrmachine, but I'm sitting here listening to Purrmachine on http://www.garageband.com/artist/purrmachine right now. Great stuff!

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