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Date Added: 7/3/2004
Added By: Jerry
Identified: Yes!   

From Jerry, 7/3/2004 12:15:47 AM:

Here's another toughy from the 80's heard on CFNY's Live Earl's show. The main chorus goes like this: "shoo...shoo shoo, shoo shoo wah-ah" another line in the song goes: Boys like girls, girls like to look at us, and fall in love then the city tries to stomp its feet as they were jumping to the shoo shoo wah night and day. Good luck. Help audiofool

From audiofool, 7/3/2004 6:58:27 AM:

Sorry Jerry.... I've got nothing.

From Dave Myrvold, 7/3/2004 9:19:18 PM:

The World - Shoo Shoo Wah

From Ron Gerber, 8/25/2004 4:24:26 PM:

Less than two months after your post, I found the song "Shoo Shoo Wah" by The World on an Italian compilation LP called "Freeway" (WEA Italy, 1984). The writers' credits are Hammer/Slater, and that's really all I know about the song.

Catchy! I can see why you tried to hunt it down.

I'd be happy to set you up with an MP3 of the track - contact info's at www.crapfromthepast.com

Ron G
host of "Crap From The Past"

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