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Date Added: 7/19/2004
Added By: Paul Miceli
Identified: Yes!   

From Paul Miceli, 7/19/2004 4:11:22 PM:

Hi again,

Doug left this message on the Eskimos & Egpyt thread.

From Doug Boit, 7/17/2004 10:16:01 AM:

Hi guys, I'm not sure if any of you are still around - this is a very old thread - but I just came across your discussion yesterday. I was the guy who set up Village Records in the UK in 1987. We released Eskimos and Egypt - 'The Cold' as a 7" vinyl single in 1988. Excellent detective work by you all!

I'm going to be setting up a bit of a nostalgia site (nothing commercial - mainly for my own interest) with info and MP3 samples of the label's releases. I haven't got time to do all that right now, but I'll post another message in the next few weeks when I've made some progress.

I still have all of the multi-track master tapes and will be transfering these to hard disk for a bit of Cubase fun over the next few months.

Eskimos went on to do some really excellent dance music and they were a jolly nice bunch of chaps too!

Unfortunately I've lost touch with them, but

From Cory, 7/20/2004 10:41:34 AM:

Very cool!!! I didn't realize they went on to make more music. Was it under a different group name?

From eskimos & egypt, 7/25/2004 3:38:23 AM:

Hello Paul....
please email me the site of this eskimos and egypt
songs...i only have four songs by them and would love to hear more!

From Mikhail, 9/13/2004 2:08:33 AM:

Hello Paul!
I am looking for all E&E songs! I have all their CD but i have'nt any information. Could yo write a site you made with new E&E songs? Thank you very much.

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