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Date Added: 7/27/2004
Added By: gureo
Identified: Yes!   

From gureo, 7/27/2004 10:06:33 PM:

Hello!! I'm a newbie here, but I've had parts of this song running thru my head for the last few weeks, and despite all my web searches, can't seem to get any closer to locating it. I could hum you a verse, but since this is typed, the best I can provide a a few random (possibly incorrect) lyrics from the song !! well... this is what has been going thru my mind recently anyway !!
Here goes (no laughing if I get this wrong!!) :

"Rock till you drop in my fantasy(??)
burnin, burnin, burnin bright...

love won't ...love won't stop
whoa, whoa - o
whoa, whoa - o
whoa, whoa - o, oh, oh, oh !!"

Ha, ha !!! It looks even sillier now that I typed it out !! I'm pretty sure the chorus is the 'love won't ...love won't stop' part. I know its not much, but it seems that there are plenty of 80's pros here that may be able to pick thru my befuddled high school memories to get a song name/ artist out of this !

Thanks for any help you can provide !!!

From gureo, 7/28/2004 1:15:04 AM:

found it !! It was Rick Springfields 'Bop Till You Drop' .... I was way off on those lyrics... oh well, thats what about 20 years will do to your memories !!

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