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Date Added: 8/3/2004
Added By: Mike Loncar
Identified: Yes!   

From retro mikey, 8/3/2004 7:12:41 PM:

Just wondering if anyone has heard a song by Mama Quilla called "the Reflex"? This song was played on CFNY during 1983 or early 1984. It was a great base thumping tune.....heard it at Ballinger's in Cambridge at that time as well and enquired to the dj what the song was and he gave me this info! I have tried to find this song with no luck! Any info out there would be appreciated!!!

From Ray, 8/17/2004 3:13:12 PM:

Mama Quilla 2 became The Parachute Club (featuring Lorraine Segato). The Reflex was apparently from a 12" EP produced by Daniel Lanois, and I'd imagine would be impossible to find. Maybe try to contact Lorraine about getting a copy.

From retro mikey, 8/18/2004 10:10:38 AM:

Thanks for the info Ray! Yes, I did know that Mama Quilla 2 became the Parachute Club. Have you heard this song yourself? I have tried over 20 years to search this 12" record to add to my collection! How would I contact Lorraine Segato? This was a great dance club tune!! Keep in touch!!!

From Scott, 12/7/2008 6:24:21 PM:

You can contact her on Facebook:


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