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Date Added: 8/3/2004
Added By: Scott
Identified: Yes!   

From Scott, 8/3/2004 10:25:06 PM:

I am trying to identify a song, and artist from the very early eighties, maybe late seventies. The lines I remember went something like this:
I'm not as good as I once was, or as good as one (k)night should be, but I haven't really thought about it in a long, long time." During the singing of this line, the song had sort of an eerie synth background, something like in Friends of Mr. Cairo, by Vangelis and J. Anderson.
The song title is a complete mystery, but I think the artist had a one word name, something like Garfield, or Rufus or somesuch. His vocal reminded me a little of Phil Judd, formerly of Split Enz.

Thank you!

From LUX-man, 8/7/2004 5:55:03 PM:

It was Garfield, i can't recall the song title but a few Garfield tunes were played by CFNY back then. His album "Reason To Be" is #69 on the Top 79 of 1979 List, in the Charts and Lists page of this site.

From mohe, 9/3/2004 1:18:09 AM:

I have been looking for this song as well - I finally came across a listing of tracks for "The Garfield Band" and it included the song we are both looking for - the song title is "Private Affair"

From Scott, 9/6/2004 8:49:27 PM:

Thanks for your help guys!

From TXJeffery, 7/23/2005 12:49:44 PM:

I would love to get a copy of the album. Anyone know where I can get a copy?

From veronica, 8/17/2009 9:56:14 PM:

where can i get a copy of this song on CD or download it please

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