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Date Added: 9/5/2004
Added By: Bill
Identified: Yes!   

From Bill, 9/5/2004 1:38:19 AM:

I am trying to identify a tune I first heard on CFNY in the mid-eighties that included samples of what sounded like a news broadcaster describing the events of the JFK assassination. One particular line that stood out was "and the motorcade rolled on". Hope this is sufficient to jog someone's memory.

From Spirit Admin, 9/5/2004 4:54:04 AM:

It was by "Steinski and the Mass Media" and the title was "And the Motorcade Sped On".

From Dave Myrvold, 9/10/2004 7:17:30 PM:

As stated above the title and artist are:

The Motorcade Sped On - Steinski And Mass Media

The original and better version was to my knowledge only ever available on vinyl from a DJ remix service company out of the U.S.A. called Disconet. There may have been a commercial release (although I've never seen a copy). The record from what I understand was pulled due to not having the rights to the voice clips used in the track. There was an inferior version available on a CD that I believe was called Death To Vinyl or something along those lines.

From Rob, 9/11/2004 1:11:52 AM:

Found the original mix (definitely sounds vinyl sourced, open is a little scratchy) on a UK CD called "No Rights Given Or Implied-The Original Samplers" (Bond St., 1994). Believe the song originaly appeared on a flexi-disc included in an issue of NME.

From Curtis, 2/3/2006 2:06:24 PM:

There are two versions of this tune. The first version is 3:51 in duration and was released on a 12" WL Tommy Boy one-sided vinyl record in 1986. This version also appeared on the aforementioned NME 7" (inferior sound) and the "No Rights Given Or Implied" CD that was also previously mentioned. The seond version is 4:26 in length, uses more extensive samples than the first version, and appears on the Illegal Art Compilation CD.

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